Sacramento Mall 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold Sale Discontinued

1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold
1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold



Product description

Our gorgeous Bangle Bracelet is crafted in 14K Solid Gold, embellished with small and tiny Precious Round Shaped HI-SI Diamonds are set on the bangle in a Flush Setting. A stunning work wear companion or the Christmas and Valentines Gift for your lady, it fits in all boxes.

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Sacramento Mall 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold Sale Discontinued

Grocery Gourmet Food => Pantry Staples => Soups, Stocks Broths Amy's Organic Soup Cream of Mushroom 14.1 fl oz (Pack of 5) through the entire pre-sales to after-sales service shopping journey, we understand the needs of our customers and strive to provide them with comprehensive new technology solutions to take care of all their smart living needs. Sacramento Mall 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold Sale Discontinued Cheap Purchase 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold

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Sacramento Mall 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold Sale Discontinued

1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold So I haven't burnt any yet, BUT so far the colors are great.There are 10 of each colorThe bottoms are flatShipping was as expectedSome people complained about these candles not standing while they burn. Id just like to point out that not every batch will be perfect. I seen another review that said they melted the bottoms and stuck them to something to help them stand, which I figured if mine came a little messed up, ill just do that! That was a good solution. So keep that in mind as well.All in all I'm happy with the purchase.I use these for ritual purposes. They were a tad thinner than I anticipated but I’m still not disappointed in the slightest. For the price amp; quantity you can’t get any better. The candles are true to their colors amp; great quality so far and I’ve used over 10 of them already. They don’t drip (as long as you have them sitting straight up. The slightest slip such as a candle stick holder that’s a bit too big and doesn’t hold it straight up will cause a drip)They are a bit thin. Just drip some wax in candle holder before sticking it in there. The colors are beautiful. They do not have a smell. Kinda remind me of a box of crayons. Good for the price, weird white candles that some are off white cream colored and some bright white. Wish there was more black. Overall really happy and they will work well for meSmaller candles = faster work time! These candles are perfect, one color all throughout and burn nicely.As far as the candles themselves go, I was satisfied BUT the black was not actually black. That was very disappointing as I needed black for my spell work. At first I thought it was more of a grayish and was ok with this but the more I got looking at it in the middle, it was definitely had more of a greenish tint. I had my entire family check just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Other then that, they arrived quickly. I just really needed some black as well ..... The box of candles first off came in a thin plastic bag, so surprise I opened the bag and the whole box was busted open. Thankfully only 1 green broke, but the rest look messed up bad. The box might be 3 ply and I have to admit looks sturdy but it’s only held together by it’s folds. I had to tape the box back together and inspect all the candles putting them back 1 by 1. I did get a chance to burn 2 and they burn a little over an hour not sure exactly and did not drip/ not a lot. Good thickness and what I hoped for burning wise. These are so disappointing regardless, I was hoping for them to come nicely together and like on the pictures. BUT they need to seriously get there packaging situation solved. I am NOT going to pay that much money for messed up looking/ potentially all broken candles. That’s to much money for a chance of having a good product. Sadly I’m one of the better ones who had this kinda problem. If the packaging has been solved with this product I’d love to buy again (in hopes they aren’t nasty looking and or broken like these), otherwise I’m going else where and probably spending more money for the same value... at least they won’t come like these. Awesome candles. Got them for my spell working. Very good quality. Very pretty. When I looked at the description of these candles and saw they were no drip I didn't think that they would not drip at all but that is the case. I was pretty amazed cuz I've never seen no drip candles before. they put cardboard in between the candles so they don't melt together which is really nice but the only con I would say is that they do burn pretty fast. I would say they live up to the description but another thing to be mindful of is that there a tad bit smaller then other candles like these. I have candle holders for small candles like this and they were a little loose so they could have tipped slightly but I just would stand them up in the candle holder I didn't have to pour any wax down and they did just fine. on some of the dumb there were little chunks taken out of the bottom but it didn't affect the candle and anyway. Great candle. Will probably purchase again considering they're one of the best values on Amazon. customers shopping online we can choose to immediately pick up their order from their nearest store with our pick up at store feature or choose express delivery, to receive their product within 48 hours. Home Kitchen => Home Décor Products => Candles Holders Shop Discounts Wholesale Chime Candles for Spells, Rituals, Birthday Party Congregation ( BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX WITH 100 DEEPLY COLORED UNSCENTED CANDLES: This set includes 100 candles in 10 colors, each color contains ten candles. The colors are: white, light blue, yellow, lime green, dark blue, purple, pink, orange, red and black. IMPRESSIVE PACKAGING WITH MOST DURABLE AND PROTECTIVE MATERIALS: To ensure the candles arrive in good condition we packaged these in strong corrugated boxes with divider cardboards between each set of colored candles so the colors remain intact. READ THE MANY USES AND PURPOSES THESE CANDLES HAVE: They are commonly used in chime holders, for wicca supplies, witchcraft candles, pagan altar candles, voodoo, hoodoo, magic, spells, ceremony, in memory of a loved one, dinner, party decorations, home décor, Hannukah candlelight, Christmas Angel Chime Candles and Shabbat. PLEASE READ DIMENSIONS BEFORE BUYING TO MAKE SURE THEY FIT YOUR CANDLE HOLDER: Diameter: 7/16", that is 1 mm less than a half inch. Height: 4 inches. Burn time: up to 1.5 hours. Wicks are 100% cotton and wax is paraffin. Product description Item Package Quantity:100  |  Color:10 Assorted Colors Ever needed more than one color candles and had to buy individual color packs? No worries now, this set includes 10 colors to fit your needs. You no longer need to spend so much money to get multi color candles! Sacramento Mall 1/2 CT Bangle Bracelet for Women with Diamonds, 14K Solid Gold Sale Discontinued

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