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vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S
vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S


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Seeing one of our iconic Vintage Whale Tees is like seeing another member of team Good Life—it’s an invitation to start a conversation, or meet a new friend. Made from durable cotton and washed for comfort, these tees just get better with age.

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Buy Online Australia For vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S Shop Discounts Sale Online 100%

This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ✔Easy Installation- Cast-in Template designed for outlet box mounting and direct wall mounting. Widely used for garden, backyard, house, garage, driveway, patio, deck,stairs, etc. ✔0-90° Adjustable Head-The fixture's angle can be easily adjusted in 0-90° to meet your desired light beam direction. It’s the best choice if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. ✔IP65 Waterproof - This outdoor lighting fixture has great impact resistance in rainy season, perfect for outdoor use. ✔Saving 85% Energy- High bright 4050 Lumens with only 30W power consumption, perfectly replace 150W HPS or HID fixtures, save 85% on your electricity bill. ✔50000 Hours Lifespan- Adopt high quality LED driver, die-casting aluminum housing for cooling. And there is no flicker. We provide 5-year warranty, if there are any question, please contact us, we've always been here. Product Description APPLICATION Cast-in Template designed for outlet box mounting and direct wall mounting.Easily mounts to walls and junction boxes. Typical applications including Court, yard, walkways, driveway,building entrances, apartment buildings, institutions, loading docks, etc. Features: 1.0-90°adjustable head:You can change the direction of light by adjusting the light head,light up wider range. 2.Save 85% energy:Saving up to 85% on your electricity bill, replacing standard 200W HPS or HID fixtures. 3.Fully Waterproof:IP65 rated protection grade,suit to outdoor environment. SPECIFICATION Wattage: 30W Lumens:4050lm Color Temperature 5000K daylight Protection grade: IP65 waterproof Input Voltage: 110-277Vac Material: die-cast Aluminum Working Temperature: -4°F to 122°F ADJUSTABLE LAMP BODY 0-90° adjust the lighting directions HIGH QUALITY LED CHIPS High-efficient,save more electricity DIE-CASTING ALUMINUM HOUSING Great heat dissipation performance OUTDOOR LIGHTING IP65 rated protection grade,suit to wet environment, perfect for outdoor lighting, provides great lighting effect. Wholesale Outlet Online I installed 3 of these at a church near Seattle. Overall the quality of the product is great and they produce a very nice quality light. The way their set up for wiring is a little odd because there's a connector on the outside of the box with about 5 inches of wire sticking out. I had to remove the connector and cap off the opening so I could run the wires through the back. You are going to need to drill holes on the back too whether you intend to mount this to a box or attach conduit. Overall I'm glad I found these because they cost 1/2 as much as the local supply house. ThanksInstalled 2 of these lights to replace standard outdoor fixtures. Wanted to better light up our patio and the shoreline of the pond just beyond the patio. This units are super bright and make using the patio at night much easier.Had to modify the mounting slightly because of our specific application but was easy to do and making sure all was weather tight was no problem. Being able to adjust the direction of lighting is a plus.Only ones that aren't fond of them is the deer we startle drinking at the pond. bought 15 of these for my storage facility. I bought the ones without the light sensor and wired in a separate sensor so they all come on and off at the same time. they look great and work great. I had one that didn't work after installing but the manufacturer sent me another no questions asked. all have been working for about a year without issue. so far so good.Just installed Qty 20 of them as a replacement for A CFL wall pack fixture. Obviously will have to wait long term to see if the product holds up, but from an installers point of view it was easier to work with Vs others. Most important feature was that their was actual room to enter fixture and install a fitting. Room to dress wires without crushing wire nuts against the driver.We got this to attach over our garden in the backyard, but we don't have a lot of tech knowledge. The light came with really clear instructions and the only thing we needed was a screwdriver. Perfect for anyone intimidated by the prospect of installing something super complicated. This was simple and gives off really great light. Just make sure to shut the power off before you install it. It says to do so in the directions but DO NOT FORGET! We got a lot of sparks because we forgot. This is a commercial quality light fixture that should last for many years. The light output is very bright and lights a large area. Excellent products and I would buy again. I am installing six now. No one can complain that these aren't bright enough. In fact, if they were a little dimmer, that would be good. Install was easy. It would have been good if all of the holes in the unit had seals. I had to go and by some, but it wasn't a big deal. Really lights up my driveway.We needed an extra wall light for our backyard because it gets so dark back there. This light literally illuminates everything in our backyard and we can see clearly what is going, unlike before when the light wasn't powerful enough and we had to squint our eyes and move back and forth to see what is going on. It is an excellent option for anyone trying to brighten up their nights. Lol. I will update the pictures when I have it fully installed on the wall. our mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers. Tools Home Improvement => Lighting Ceiling Fans => Outdoor Lighting Buy Online Australia For vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S Shop Discounts Sale Online 100% vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S 30W LED Wall Pack Light, 0-90° Adjustable Head, 4050LM Super Bri

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Buy Online Australia For vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S Shop Discounts Sale Online 100%

Best Sale Online Grocery Gourmet Food => Food Beverage Gifts => Snack Gifts Ordered two days ago and received the box today 6/23/21. Most items are expired for the best used by date. KINd Healthy Bars are stale, not chewy, taste bad and have the date best by February 2021 and it’s ten of them in the box making up most of the boxes contents. Three small pretzel bags outdated by one month. 6 cracker packs with 8/21 best used date only 4 health bars 2 with 8/21 one with 11/21 and one with 1/22. 4 Planers salted nuts with September 27, 2021. Two small Pringles snacks packs dated 1/25/22. There are two fruit roll ups, 4 tiny fruit snack packs and one tiny Rice Krispies Treat snack without a date on them.The lot is mostly make up of the KIND Healthy Grain Chewy Bars that are outdated and stale. The Snyder’s Pretzels are outdated. More outdated and undated items then appropriate dated items. This gift.a.snack is not a good item and is not recommended for a gift or for yourself. Don’t waste your money, taste buds or time with this item.Only received 37 items. Majority are small items like single bags of fruit snacks. The one granola bar I ate was stale. They didn’t even send a full size kind bar it’s some mini bite size ????. Snacks aren’t healthy AT ALL. WARNING THEY DONT INCLUDE EVERYTHING PICTURED. My box was full of chips, crackers, and fruit snacks. I didn’t receive half the things they show. What a scamWhere's the basket. ???? I could have bought a box of snacks never again Gave this, along with a smaller heart box filled with chocolates to my grandchildren on Valentine' day. They loved it which made me and their parents very happy to be able to cut out a lot of the sugar. Overall I rate this product with 5 stars. Only (small) dissapointment was the packaging, It was very sturdy, had a pretty valentine day design on it and decribed what was in the box. Unfortunately, the decorated box also served as the outer shipping box. Not only did my one grandson see what it was, but the box itself was covered with shipping labels which made the box not very exciting or appealing as a gift.The box is a little too large for items and wasn't as pleasing to the eye to open as they appeared a jumbled mess. Disappointed the best by date is only 3-4 months. Although giftable, I would opt for something else. On a positive note, it's a good variety.A rip off.The box has mini versions of most of the snacks(like Halloween snacl sizes) and the box was just a bunch of stuff thrown in a box...HORRIBLE presentation.Disappointing and am glad I didnt send this directly as a care package to my kid in college.Half of what was describe is not in the box. The box is not neat at all will not purchase agianTechnically,, this isn't a good deal. If you look into each item alone you can buy them much cheaper but it was a daily deal and I thought I'd say least give it a try. Everything in it was good, I just don't think I would spend my money on it again. ???? A GIFT TO SPREAD THE JOY: Whether you’re looking for a gift, snack boxes for adults, care packages for college students, a snack variety pack for kids, or simply a healthy care package or crave box to treat yourself, our Snack Box Variety Pack will do the trick. Ours is a present to Spread the Joy among the whole family. ???? HEALTHY SNACKS FROM YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS: All your favorite snack brands in a single mega snack bundle: Nature Valley, Planters, Welch’s, Kellogg’s Nutri Grain and much more! Why would you have to choose one if you can have them all? ???? THE PERFECT HEALTHY GIFT: If you’ve ever looked for a gift that is not the typical present, you know how stressful the search can get. Well, not anymore. Our Gift Basket will delight everyone from the youngest ones to the not so young. ???? CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Our Healthy Snack Box Variety Packs include conveniently wrapped individual servings that are easy to grab when you’re on the go. They’re also great for sharing: if someone wants a bite, why not giving them their own individual serving of snacks? This is the perfect packaging to Spread the Joy! ⚠️ ATTENTION: Please remember to Check the box labeled “This is a gift” in your cart or at checkout and write a personalized message. The last thing you want is your recipient to receive such an incredible gift and not know it was you who treated them, right? Product Description Healthy Snack Box 40 Healthy Snack Box 50 Healthy Snack Box 60 Tower Snack Box Heart Snack Box Count 40 50 60 30 30 Made In USA ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Style HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY ELEGANT ROMANTIC Favorite ✓ ✓ ✓ Best Value ✓ Packed By Hand ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Snack Box 40 Snack Box 50 Snack Box 60 Snack Box 100 Snack Box 150 Count 40 50 60 100 150 Made In USA ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Style COLLEGE STUDENT COLLEGE STUDENT BIG SURPRISE CELEBRATION BIG PARTY Favorite ✓ Best Value ✓ ✓ Packed by hand ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Healthy Snack Box Variety Pack Care Package (40 Count) Holiday G our store is a technology-led retailer; its website receives more than a billion visits a year and 90% of sales originate online. Buy Online Australia For vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S Shop Discounts Sale Online 100% vineyard vines Men's Long-Sleeve Burgee Vintage Whale Pocket T-S

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November 17, 2021

It’s no secret the internet and digital age have changed the way we interact with sports, including football. In order to keep up with new trends, swiftly changing social media platforms, and demands that come with a career in football (or ‘soccer’ for Americans), you need to be well-prepared for what lies ahead. Since its relatively recent entry into the digital age, the world of football is still changing rapidly. Understanding the changes and how to adapt to them is something that’s on the mind of those already working in the industry.

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