New York Mall for LM170E03-TLL1/TLL2 HDMI+VGA+DVI M.NT68676 Screen Controller Denver Mall

for LM170E03-TLL1/TLL2 HDMI+VGA+DVI M.NT68676 Screen Controller
for LM170E03-TLL1/TLL2 HDMI+VGA+DVI M.NT68676 Screen Controller


Product description


M.NT68676 LCD Controller driver Board:

   The controller driver board work for LVDS Interface LCD Screen

   Come In Standby Mode When Not Input Signal

   Input Power Adapter: DC 12V-3A

   DC port: 2.5MM and 5.5MM inner+ outside-

   Video Input: HDMI DVI VGA

   Audio Input: HDMI

   Audio Output: Speaker Connector

   OSD: Brightness Contrast Auto Language And So On

   Language: English French German Spanish Italian And So On

   Board Size: 139mmX58mmX17mm


Package list:

   1Pcs x M.NT68676 controller driver board

   1Pcs x Suitable LVDS cable (depend on your LCD panel model)

   1Pcs x Suitable inverter (depend on your LCD panel)

   1Pcs x Keyboard with cable

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New York Mall for LM170E03-TLL1/TLL2 HDMI+VGA+DVI M.NT68676 Screen Controller Denver Mall

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New York Mall for LM170E03-TLL1/TLL2 HDMI+VGA+DVI M.NT68676 Screen Controller Denver Mall

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