Ranking TOP3 ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full Stores

ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full
ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full


Product description

The professional spectrum ratio of red:blue=3:1; which is the most suitable ratio for seedling and vegetative stage.Because plants do not use the entire spectrum of light.The chlorophyll and carotene only absorb the light at the range of two particular wavelength(blue 460-470nm and red 660-670nm).For this sake,we designed the special grow light with red and blue light only.As the red light works in the plant budding stages, flowering, fruiting,improve the harvest. The blue light greatly improves the accumulation of proteins and non-carbohydrate,helps plants gain weight.The combination ensures that your plants grow healthy and lushes inside of your house.

-LED Power: 1800W
-Color: Red, Blue
-Lifespan: 50,000 hours
-Dimensions: 13.1x13.1x1.2 inches
-Weight: 2.1 lbs
-Power supply:AC85-264V
-Current: 300mA
-Frequency: 50-60HZ
-LED reflector: 60°degree
-Condition: -20℃- 55℃, 55-95%RH
- Input voltage: AC90-265V
- IP rating: 44

Please ensure the following:

--Ensure the light is placed in a well ventilated and dry environment

--Do not look directly at the light when in use

--Ensure the power is off before installation

--Avoid of water,heat source and falling down

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Ranking TOP3 ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full Stores

Wirefy 130 PCS Heat Shrink Ring Terminals #10 - Marine Grade Rin Industrial Scientific => Industrial Electrical => Wiring Connecting ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. PROFESSIONAL RING TERMINALS - These wire terminals are crafted from pure copper to achieve maximum current flow. Wire eyelets are tinned for enhanced corrosion resistance. ADVANCED HEAT SHRINK TUBING - Insulation tubing shrinks to 1/3 of its original size, providing the highest shrink ratio on the market. Heat activated adhesive seals the wire ends from the elements. EASY APPLICATION - Wirefy heat shrink connectors can be applied seconds. Simply strip the wire, make a crimp, and apply heat. It's that easy. WHAT YOU GET - This value pack includes 130 PCS ring terminals for #10 screw. These electrical connectors will fit any wire from 16 to 14 gauge. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to be absolutely pleased with our heat shrink ring connectors. If you're not satisfied, return them to us for a fast, no-hassle refund or product replacement. Product Description BRAZED SEAM BARREL Doesn't split when crimped Ensures rock solid crimps Wire will not pull out PURE TINNED COPPER Increased current flow No voltage drop Protection against corrosion HEAT ACTIVATED ADHESIVE Uniform adhesive flow Greater tensile strength Seals terminal ends 540 PCS Heat Shrink Connectors Crimping Tool Set 8 PCS Heat Shrink Tubing - 50 Feet Roll 180 PCS Heat Shrink Tubing Kit (Black) Wire range 22-10 AWG 22-8 AWG 3/32" - 2" 3/32" - 3/4" I didn't inspect the shrink tubing pieces because the metal ring was so thin, lacking any durability it makes me wander what everyone else uses these for. I use Terminals in the automotive industry and these sure as heck don't cut it. I have been purchasing the e-Volt Terminals with great satisfaction, unfortunately the size I needed to restock the box was backordered.This brand has maybe 1/2 the metal surface area that eVolt uses, maybe...or less. I put them in the trash.Pricey but high quality. I like the idea of a mechanical crimp coupled with a heat shrink jacket.There are cheaper terminals out there available in mega-packs. I considered those but read reviews like "thinnest metal ever", "you better solder after you crimp". I decided to purchase these instead. My current use is in grounding my very expensive network equipment; a quality terminal is essential.I'm a professional mechanic and really appreciate quality tools and equipment on the job. I was installing a new car stereo system in my vehicle and wanted a good, solid connection in my wiring, without soldering every connection. I ordered the 120 piece set and a crimper for these fabulous shrinkwrap connectors. I love that they clue themselves to the wire insulation. It took some hard twisting and trimming the leading edge if the wire to get a 14 gauge wire in the small size connector, but it got done to color code my connections for positive and negative. I was wondering if I could get them in gold plated? I bought in bulk as I am doing the wiring on a home built boat. I initially bought one of those kits with ten of each connector. Well, when you are wiring a whole panel you need a lot of certain connectors. That's where buying in bulk comes in. These seem to crimp well and the heat shrink covers the whole connector so it gives a good seal. I'm sure I will have about 50 percent of all the connectors left over but I am still saving money.I used these terminal connectors when I rewired my utility trailer. I added a junction box so I needed a ring terminal connector and chose these based on other reviews. They crimp very well and the heat shrink holds them in place. For added security, I added more heat shrink tubing. These terminal connectors are very heavy duty, much stronger than you will find at the big box stores. I expect them to hold up well.Seem to be a good connector. Held strong when crimped. Take off one star because quantity was short. Should have been 150 pieces, my package had 142.These are good quality ring terminals for the price. perfect to use on the load side of the ATO/ATC fuse blocks from Blue Sea Systems. They crimp well with a ratcheting style professional crimper, the heat shrink is lined with adhesive, and they look clean and professional. Would definitely buy againThese are great connectors. I’m comparing them to the brand I purchased with my crimper. These connectors were easier to crimp, gave a better crimp, and a better shrink wrap seal. Connectors store easily in the screw top container that I can throw in my work bag. Nothing bad to say about these and I’ll purchase them again. Max 45% OFF Ranking TOP3 ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full Stores our editors and writers thoroughly evaluate all the latest product that come through our independent lab.

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Ranking TOP3 ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full Stores

Home Kitchen => Kitchen Dining => Dining Entertaining Order Online Sale Ranking TOP3 ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full Stores we keep trying various possibilities and challenging all limits. Product description Here is an elegant hand carved teak root serving tray, the grain and shape are one-of-a-kind. * Teak root cutting board * Size: 14" X 1.5" X 7" * Hand carved * Home Decor * What you see is what you get, we guarantee it! * Great centerpiece Tikimaster Elegant Serving Tray 14" X 1.5" X 7" Teak Root Wood | ZJING LED Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 250 LED Full

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