Cheap Outlet UK On Sale Acotavie Scarfs for Women Lightweight Fashion Scarves Print Flor Cheap Clearance Online

Acotavie Scarfs for Women Lightweight Fashion Scarves Print Flor
Acotavie Scarfs for Women Lightweight Fashion Scarves Print Flor


Product description

This elegant scarf features an exquisite image in vibrant and rich colors.
Elegant and fashionable, this scarf is the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.
scarfs for women can be used for all seasons and occasions and also makes a beautiful gift for friends and loved ones.
Great as Gift Valentine's Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or stocking stuffer for Christmas, Mother's Day,Graduation or other special occasions.
Can be used as shawl,summer shawl,beach wrap, head scarf,square scarf,neck scarf,hijab scarfs for women as well as on a hat or handbag, etc.

Q:What size of this scarf?
A:Size 1:Dimension: Length Approx.63" width Approx.19.68", (160*50cm).

Size 2:Dimension: Length Approx.70.86"/width Approx.35.43", (180*90cm).

Q:What's the quality of this scarf?"span"
A:This scarf is made of 100%polyester,silk feeling scarf,soft and comfortable to wear, durable and lightweight, easy to carry

Q:How many styles are available for this scarf?"span"
A:Please choose your favorite style under the color options, the color can choose means the scarf is available in warehouse for order.

a. Hand wash or Dry Clean Recommended.
b. Cool or Cold Water below 30 degree Preferable.
c. Do not wring, avoid hanging exposure, prevent loss of luster and elastic fabric.

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Cheap Outlet UK On Sale Acotavie Scarfs for Women Lightweight Fashion Scarves Print Flor Cheap Clearance Online

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Cheap Outlet UK On Sale Acotavie Scarfs for Women Lightweight Fashion Scarves Print Flor Cheap Clearance Online

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