Max 66% OFF OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford Austin Mall

OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford
OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford


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Manufacturer: Oxford

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Max 66% OFF OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford Austin Mall

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Max 66% OFF OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford Austin Mall

Max 66% OFF OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford Austin Mall Office Products => Office School Supplies => Writing Correction Supplies if we were to recommend something due to bias or laziness, readers wouldn't support our work. excellence OXF58804 - Premium Paper Clear Front Cover by Oxford I wanted a reusable mechanical pencil because I have a ton of lead from other plastic purchases that came with it and then broke before I finished using up the lead. This is a much better, durable, sustainable option! The only minor complaint I have is that the tip holding the lead to the barrel sometimes feels a little wobbly so I tighten it often. It’s a good product though! Does the job.Pretty amp; nice to write with!Pencils were comfortable and excellent cost!These are very attractive pencils: where the average mechanical pencil is made from cheap plastic, these seem to be metal. I say "seem" because it feels amp; looks like metal, but the description on the packaging reads "metal barrel design", which makes me feel suspicious. In any case, they're slim and elegant with a metallic finish amp; an etched horizontal band design that makes them easy to hold. The packaging claims they have a "retractable tip for storage." I couldn't make them retract no matter what I tried. They look like ball-point pens, but the button that in a pen would project and retract the point, here brings the lead forward. There may be a secret to retracting, but the packaging gives no clues. So after I had about 2" of lead sticking out from the barrel, I decided retraction wasn't going to happen. There's also no eraser, which I find to be a big limitation: why am I writing in pencil if I can't erase?This is for a pack of two mechanical pencils and they are very nice. They are a good heavy metal barreled material giving them a nice weight, also making them look much nicer than the plastic kind. There is a sort of smokey gray colored one and a rose gold one. They have a ridge type case so they feel kind of strange at first when you grip them but it also makes for a really easy grip and one that makes it harder to drop the pencil when writing.They are .07mm and are #2 lead in case they are required for any standardized tests (are they still doing those? It’s been a long time…). These have metal clips so that they can easily clip on to pockets, folders, purses, and just about anything else you’d feel so inclined to clip them to.I did notice a few reviews stating these don’t have erasers. That would be incorrect. The erasers hide a little bit so perhaps they were overlooked but they do have erasers and they are under the top part. You just give that a bit of a pull and it comes off and there you have the eraser.In order to make it so you don’t have lead sticking out the bottom, another thing I believe I saw a complaint or two about, just place the point down on something, hold the top in and apply a bit of pressure. The entire lead and lead casing thing will go back up inside so it won’t be poking out at all.These are very nice pencils. They write nicely, they erase cleanly, and they look great. I definitely love them and if you are interested in them then I recommend them.My favorite pencil since I was a kid was the Pentel P205 0.5mm, which has a black barrel and shiny silver metal clip and eraser cap. I always felt it looked classy but better yet, my writing is neat and smooth with it. I never really liked 0.7mm lead in my pencils unless I was doing something with the kids, because I think the thicker lead is for kids…. Until now. I really love this set of two pencils.What I like about these pencils:- I really love the sleek, modern metal design. It may not be apparent from the picture, but in addition to the matte colors (they look like iPhone colors of rose gold and gray), the barrels are horizontally ribbed. I was wondering if the pencils would feel strange writing with the ribbing, but no, they’re very comfortable to hold and use, although they are pretty thin.- These pencils have the same lead as a standard #2 wood design. You get 2 leads per pencil but they’re also infinitely refillable and so is the eraser.- Easy to let the right amount of lead out: one click retracts the point and the second click is just the right amount for me to use (I don’t like long leads sticking out because then they break off more easily). Although I will say, I haven’t broken the lead at all yet in two weeks of using these pencils.- The clip is very stiff and feels sturdy like it won’t break off easily.- The tip retracts in when you aren’t using it so you don’t have a sharp point making holes in your bag or jabbing you from your pocket. You just have to press in on the metal cap like you’re clicking to let more lead out when you’re pressing down on something.- The cap covering the eraser comes off easily.- Given how nice these pencils look, they come at a very good price point. I feel that they’re a good value.What I don’t like as much:- Unlike the pentel pencils, the eraser does not have an anti-jam rod sticking out of the bottom of it. (You can screw off the bottom of the pencil but it’s nice to have a little point to stick up in there if you run into any trouble).- The eraser itself is smaller in this pencil than other brands I’ve used. If you make a lot of mistakes (I don’t! ;) ) then you’ll need a separate eraser or buy refills.- I would really prefer that the company logo is not printed the entire length of the clip. I feel it kind of cheapens the look.- I would prefer that the pencils were a bit thicker.Final thoughts: I like this almost as much as my typical mechanical pencil. I really like the design of them and would use them in a professional meeting. Actually my husband would too, he claimed the gray one. They look much more expensive than you’d think that they are. Overall, I think that these pans look and feel so much better than standard disposable pencils and they’re better for the environment too. Paper Mate Advanced Mechanical Pencils, Premium Metal Barrels, G This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Paper Mate mechanical pencil with premium metal body and durable metal clip Refillable lead and eraser for prolonged use Retractable metal tip for easy storage in pockets, backpacks, and purses 0.7 mm #2 lead is the choice for standardized tests Includes 2 mechanical pencils (gun metal gray and rose gold) Product description Get the writing performance you expect from Paper Mate in a mechanical pencil that commands attention. Paper Mate Advanced Mechanical Pencils feature a premium metal barrel and durable metal clip that elevate your writing. Available in a range of fashion-forward colors and textured barrels, these Paper Mate mechanical pencils look and feel as good as they write. A retractable metal tip makes it easy to store in pockets, backpacks, and purses, while the #2 pencil with 0.7 mm lead is the choice for standardized tests. This package includes 2 mechanical pencils. From the manufacturer Mechanical pencil with premium metal barrel Available in a range of on-trend colors Refillable #2 pencil lead and eraser Retractable tip to prevent lead breakage Paper Mate Advanced | Mechanical Pencil Show off your love of writing with the ultra-modern Paper Mate Advanced Mechanical Pencil. A premium metal barrel, trendy colors, and a textured grip inspire confidence in every word you write. Your new favorite writing instrument is always at your side with a retractable metal tip that makes it easy to store in pockets, backpacks, and purses to prevent lead breakage. The #2 pencil lead is refillable, as is the high-quality eraser, which is hidden under a cap to keep it clean. Discover Paper Mate Advanced Exceptional Design A premium metal barrel, fashion-forward colors, and a durable metal clip give the pencil a modern look and feel. Refillable Included #2 lead is required for standardized testing, while the high-quality eraser cleanly erases marks. On-the-Go Convenience A retractable tip and durable metal clip for optimal on-the-go convenience and storage.

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